Hagstrom vintage electric guitars
Time and product line
1958 - 1983
Just made in Sweden - Where else!


Hagstrom "Numbers" - 1963 - 1972

Hagstrom I, 1965-1971. Basically the same guitar as the Kent (vinyl covered body and acrylatic front) but with adjustable pick ups and narrower neck. The fact that the Hagstrom I guitar has two pick ups is a bit confusing as the Hagstrom II also have two pick ups and the Hagstrom III have three pick ups! In the late 1960's and early 1970's a rare bird appears witch is actually a one pick up Hagstrom I designed for the Canadian market. Known colors - Hagstrom I with acrylic front: red, blue, black and white. Hagstrom I - solid body with one pick up: sunburst.
Hagstrom II, 1963-1965. Basically the same body shape as the Hagstrom I and the Kent guitars but with solid lacquered bodies. The Hagstrom II guitar was also branded Futurama and sold by Selmer on the UK market. All Hagstrom II and Futurama guitars from this period have bevelled edges (compare with the Kent II and Kent III guitars witch seems to be the same guitar, but with rounded egdes on the body). Known colors: red, blue and sea foam green.
Hagstrom II, 1965-1972. From 1965 the bodies got a more "SG" like shape and pick ups with pickup rings. The first guitars with this design appears as Hagstrom De Luxe in the production log. Known colors: red, blue, black, white, translucent red and sunburst.
Hagstrom III, 1963-1965. Same story as for Hagstrom II above.
Hagstrom III, 1965-1972. Same story as for Hagstrom III above.
Hagstrom 12 string, 1965-1967. Same design and shape as the Hagstrom II (1965-1972) but with 12 strings.
Futurama - export to GBR, 1962-1965. During this period Hagstrom guitars were sold in the UK as Futuramas. Those Futurama branded Hagstrom made guitars are not to be mixed up with other Futurama guitars imported by Selmer from other countries!


Hagstrom I, ca 1965 
Serial # unknown

Hagstrom II, 1963/64 
Serial # 584946



Hagstrom II, 1972 
Serial # 822302

Hagstrom III, 1964 "Futurama" according to production log. 
Serial # 601942


Hagstrom De Luxe III, 1964/65
Repainted in purple, original colour is red
Serial # 624855

Hagstrom III, 1965/66 
Serial # 653121

Hagstrom III, 1970/72 
Serial # 806697

Hagstrom 12 string, 1965/66 
Serial # 638442




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