Hagstrom vintage electric guitars
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1958 - 1983
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Hagstrom "New Shapes" - 1963 - 1967
In the early 1960s Hagstrom attempted to design guitars with a new, more untraditional "look". The Corvette, Impala and Automatic are far more "futuristic" than the other Hagstrom guitars from the same time. As guitar players seemes to be more "traditional" than expected none of these flashy button guitars ever made any commercial succsess.

Automatic, 1963-1965. Based on the same body shape the Automatic appears in three different designs, the Futurama Automatic (for the UK market only), the Automatic and the Automatic (Corvette). Known colors: brown and red burst.
Corvette, 1963-1967. The Corvette was renamed Condor for the US market since General Motors sold the Chevrolet Corvette car. Known colors: brown and red burst.
Impala, 1963-1967. Strangely the Impala got to keep its original name also on the US market despite there was also a Chevrolet Impala car. Known colors: brown and red burst.


Hagstrom Corvette, 1964 
Serial # 573176

Hagstrom Condor 1966-67
Condor branded 
Hagstrom Corvette for the US market Serial # 664075



Hagstrom Impala, 1964/65 
Serial # 588474

Hagstrom Automatic, 1965 Automatic (Corvette) 
according to the production log. Serial # 598190




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