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A Black Super Swede bass will soon be available and for sale.
n Sweden, the christmas gift of the year 2018 is a second hand item, so why not buy a vintage Hagstrom guitar to yourself, a loved one or a friend.
New items in teh shop.
- Extremely rare red/ white Sweetone from 1959. SOLD
- Rare blue Swede Colorline from 1980. SOLD
This autumn we will move our business from Rindö outside Stockholm to Munkagårda right in the middle of Skåne!
A red KENT II bass will soon be available in the shop.
Still vacation!
From June 21th to August 31th Hagstrom Vintage Guitars.se will enter ”vacation” mode. Some short glimpses on Facebook, Instagram and/ or our own website might occur during this time, but the basic mode will be vacation.
If you post your question on our facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/132675620130383/
I’m sure you will get an answer from some of our skilled members.
Have a nice summer :-)
Greetings from Sweden - Home of Hagstrom
BiSonic Coronado IV available. SOLD
One blue and one red Batman might be on the way!
2018-03-15: Swede Patch 2000 guitar and pedal unit now for sale in the shop. SOLD
2018-03-01: A lefty sunburst HIIB bass from batch 500 will soon be available in the shop. SOLD
2018-02-06: Golden sunburst Super Swede available in the shop.SOLD
The blond lefty Scandi is now available again, price SEK 13500kr.
Brownburst Viking De Luxe for sale in the shop.
Beautiful brownburst 1979 Jimmy f-hole now for sale in the shop.
Cool black Hagstrom HI now available in the shop for only SEK 4750kr
Hagstrom HIII with rare "Viking" pickups now for sale in the shop.
A cherry H8 bass is now available in the shop.
Dear Hagström Friends (nerds)
2018 it is ten years since Hagstrom Vintage Guitars were founded. There have been ten exciting years and the business has grown a little bit each year. Since the start, we have sold more than 600 guitars, basses and amps and not a single customer has been dissatisfied with his instrument and sent it back! Rather, we have got many recurring customers who bought a large number of instruments over the years. Some customers have also become personal friends and have given us the opportunity to see new places in Sweden, Europe and North America.
2018 will be a trend break because we have now chosen to begin a gradual downturn and narrowing of our operations. This will mean fewer of the most common models (HI, HII, HIII, HIB etc) in our stock, but maybe more exclusive models. Possibly there will be some sort of "sale" a bit closer to the spring.
Some types of questions sent to us via email will be referred to our facebook pages. In some cases, it will probably also take a little longer before we reply to emails and messages on facebook and messenger.
The overall goal for us will be to work a little less (less hours) and enjoy a little more of life, but still be an active and important part of the Vintage Hagstrom community.
Friendly Hagstrom greetings
Janne Godman, founder of Hagstrom Vintage Guitars.se
The 2018 calendr is now available - SOLD OUT
A brownburst Concorde De Luxe bass will soon be available in the shop.
Cool brownburst Viking available in the shop. SOLD
A nice brownburst 1969 Jimmy is now available in the shop. SOLD
A video presentation of the Small De Luxe, Sweetone and Standard 80 guitars is now available in the Museum & Guitar history section.
If you are the present owner of a Batman guitar or bass, you are wolcome to join the Hagstrom Batman FB Club :-)
The Hagstrom Batman Club on Facebook
Please note, and remember that all Hagstom guitars, basses
and amps on these pages are made in Sweden during the
years from 1958 to 1981. All new Hagstrom instruments sold
on the market (shops, ebay etc) today are made in China.
Probably fine instruments, but they are not made in Sweden!
Vintage Hagstrom spare parts are always hard to find! We will
now increase our effort to be able to supply as many NOS,
used and replacement Hagstrom spare parts as possible.
Hagstrom picture of the month
Deember 2018
Picture of the month - December 2108
Swedes like colors, don't we?

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